Eggplants are more than just a modern emoji, they’re an absolutely splendid crew member to add in the kitchen! I get surprised at how little people use or even know how to cook eggplant. Well mateys, I’m here to spread the good, purple word!

Micronutrient Loot

  • Jam-packed with phytonutrients and phenolic compounds that act as antioxidants, which protect cell membranes from free radical damage, oxidative stress and infection.
  • Fiber ahoy! Since the eggplant is mostly water and fiber, it assists in that ship-shape digestion we all want
  • Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B6 are aboard as well. Both of these vitamins support energy and aid in metabolism
  • Loads other important of vitamins and minerals cargo, including vitamin K, potassium, folate, and copper
  • A single cup of eggplant gives 5% of daily manganese, a mineral that helps to build bones, act as an antioxidant and regulates hormone levels

Extra Plunder

Markets now carry eggplants throughout the year so you don’t have to go on an extensive excursion to find some. However, it’s best to pillage them from August through October since they’ll be in season then.

Did you know that eggplants grow by hanging from vines of a tall plant? Yep, just like tomatoes!

Cooking for the Messdeck

Are you sold on this gem of a vegetable? Ok! Let’s get to cooking and then, even better, eating!

When raiding the produce aisle for the best eggplants, look for ones that are firm, heavy, smooth and shiny in color.

Take heed my fellows at storing this loot. Eggplants are quite perishable and should be stored at ~50°F. Be sure to refrain from using your cutlass on the eggplant before storing. It will perish rapidly after it’s been cut.

Whether you desire to eat the skin or not is up to you, my friend. Personally, I like it skin-and-all. There’s less prep work with eating the skin too! It should be noted that tougher skins of eggplants that take on a white color are not as appetizing. But hey, you’re a free sailor and can do whatever you want. The main point is that the skin is edible.

Here’s a few recipe maps to start your culinary journey off for delectable treasure!

Roasted Eggplant Cubes

Baingan Ka Charta (Indian Eggplant)

Easy Spiced Eggplant

Happy Exploring!



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