Ah, yes, the humble banana. True, it’s a common fruit widely known and consumed. We’ve been told it’s healthy to eat and has lots of good stuff for our bodies, right? Well, can you tell me why? Let’s embark on a nutritional excursion to find out!

Micronutrient Loot

  • A commander of potassium! When people think of potassium, bananas nearly always come to mind, and for a good reason! It’s one of the top foods in terms of potassium concentration. This essential nutrient promotes circulatory health, regulates water and sodium retention, helps prevent exercise muscle cramps and heals/builds those same muscles.
    • Riding the same fiber ship, bananas have a unique type of fiber called pectin. The water-soluble pectins and higher concentration of fructose produced from the banana ripening both help regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • 10% of daily fiber in each banana, which promotes digestion. Benefits like supporting regular bowel movements, longer satiation, lowering heart disease risk, and reducing inflammation are all thanks to our fiber friend!
  • Its manganese will aid in skin health, bone strength, cognitive function and reducing free radical damage.
  • Vitamin C and vitamin B6 aboard this banana boat!
  • Hoist the sails and let’s be off because bananas are a wonderful energy source! It’s a great get-up-and-go refreshment anytime of the day
  • Tryptophan treasure! Yep, it’s not just in turkey meat. This amino acid promotes serotonin release, known as a “happy hormone.” Therefore, tryptophan will boost the crew’s morale and have us all singing merry shanties!
  • It even significantly increases Bifidobacteria, which correlated with decreased gastrointestinal problems and increased bowel function regulation

Cooking for the Messdeck

Good news mates! You don’t have to cook bananas. These yellow vessels come naturally prepackaged, convenient, portable and sweet. They are abundant throughout the year and very cheap. Bananas are a wonderful addition to the doubloon-crunched diet.

You can opt for the old-fashioned way of peeling a banana and chomping down without engaging in any cooking. Though, if you so chose, bananas can be fried, blended, boiled, baked or turned into dehydrated chips. Feel like pairing it with almond butter? Follow wherever the wind takes you in the culinary journey! Whatever you venture on the banana boat, it’ll be sure to bring satiety whether hungry or desiring sweetness.

Happy exploring!



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