Mung Bean


Let’s travel to uncommon land and visit the exotic mung bean! I’ve had the blessed opportunity to live abroad in Taiwan and I often encountered a string-like vegetable on my plate there. Turns out it was sprouted mung beans. Let me tell you, they were tasty! So, for my own personal curiosity and to introduce you to a possible foreign food, let’s look into the mung bean.

Micronutrient Loot

  • Packs a prominent protein punch for plant! They are an excellent source for vegans, vegetarians or any explorer needing their daily protein
  • Get this, one cup of mung beans delivers 100% of our daily folate needs! Otherwise known as vitamin B9, this nutrient is key for a variety of functions, such as DNA synthesis, cognitive ability, cell and tissue growth, regulating hormones, and reproduction. It sure is a team player!
  • That same one-cup serving gives 36% of our daily magnesium needs, which aids in repairing muscles, controlling stress, digestion, heart function, and neurotransmitter release.
  • Apart from vitamin B9 (folate), mung beans have vitamin B6 that both control PMS hormonal symptoms. They ram down cramps, headaches and fatigue.
  • Contains high levels of oligosaccharides and polyphenols (aka amino acids) that fight cancer progression. Even the flavonoids of vitexin and isovitexin engage in battle against cancer development by lowering oxidative stress
  • The antioxidants help regulate cholesterol levels by acting like free radical hunters and therefore help reduce heart disease risk, including lowering high blood pressure
  • The all-mighty fiber strikes again! Mung bean’s high fiber level satiates hunger and buffs up our digestion.
  • Hauls phytonutrients that fortifies the immune system. Ye bacteria and virus scallywags beware!

Cooking for the Messdeck

Though mung beans are one of the beans that is easiest to digest, sprouting makes them even easier to digest (objectionable will walk the plank!). So sprout them if you can but it’s by no means a requirement. Sprouting also enhances the nutritional qualities of the mung bean. And personally, I think sprouted mung beans have a delightful crunch to them!

I have seen packaged sprouted mung beans in some stores, such as Sprouts. A coincidence that the market Sprouts has sprouts? I think not! But if you don’t have access to the buying already sprouted mung beans or feel like DIY-ing it, here’s a wiki link for an instructional map:

Heck, you don’t even have to sprout them. Just cook dried mung beans until tender as another option. Here’s a link for cooking dried mung beans:

And, of course, here are some recipe inspirations featuring these exotic lovelies! Don’t forget that you can add them to a wide array of dishes, such as soups, salads, stews and stir-fires. The possibilities are endless, delicious and nutritious!

Mung Bean Hummus

Saucy Stir-fry Bean Sprouts

Happy exploring!



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